On August 14th, the Oleoplan Group negotiated its first CBios. The Decarbonization Credits (CBios) are environmental assets created by the RenovaBio, the new National Biofuels Policy instituted by Law No. 13,576/20017. These assets constitute an important instrument in the Brazilian effort to fulfill its international commitments regarding the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in the fuel sector.

Each CBio is equivalent to a ton of CO2 whose emission has been avoided due to the efficient production of biofuels. Both of our biodiesel plants can issue and negotiate these credits since they are both certified in RenovaBio.

So far, our plants have sold 20,700 CBios. In other words, 20,700 tons of CO2 were no longer emitted thanks to the production of biodiesel, a renewable fuel whose blending with fossil diesel has been mandatory throughout the national territory since 2008.