Our history

The history of Grupo Oleoplan began in 1979 in the city of Veranópolis, Rio Grande do Sul, with the acquisition of an idle soybean crushing plant. From that point on, Oleoplan began supplying the domestic and foreign markets with soybean-derived products, such as oil, meal and lecithin.

With the growth in subsequent years arose the need to develop a logistics structure able to reduce the distances between us and our clients. With this in mind, in 1992, we acquired a waterway terminal in Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul. Strategically located on the banks of the Rio Gravataí, today the terminal plays an important role in Oleoplan’s intermodal transport to the Port of Rio Grande.

In 2002, we initiated the construction on our first sourcing and storage facility, while also beginning to operate closer to our suppliers. Nowadays, we have over 20 units spread throughout the northwest and northeast of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, with a total storage capacity of over 500,000 tons.

In 2007, as part of the National Plan for Biodiesel Production and Use (PNPB, in Portuguese), Oleoplan entered the biofuel industry with the construction of a biodiesel plant alongside its soybean crushing facility in Veranópolis, Rio Grande do Sul. A pioneer in the state, our plant in Veranópolis remains among the largest and the most active biodiesel producers in Brazil.

The following year, in 2008, Palmaplan was founded. A project for the cultivation of oil palms, Palmaplan is located in Rorainópolis, in the state of Roraima. The company owns the land, but also operates in partnership with local family farmers through joint effort in the form of technical training and assistance for oil palm cultivation.

In 2009, with the establishment of Enerplan, Grupo Oleoplan also began investing in the generation of electricity. Today, Enerplan boasts two wind farms: Faísa and Pontal. Complexo Eólico Faísa is located in Trairi, Ceará, and was inaugurated in 2014. And Complexo Eólico Pontal is located in Viamão, Rio Grande do Sul. In 2015, the first wind turbines began operating at the Pontal unit and, in 2017, the construction was completed. With these two complexes, Enerplan is able to meet electricity demands for 750,000 people.

In 2012, we purchased a plant in Iraquara for crushing soybeans and producing biodiesel, giving rise to Oleoplan Nordeste. Located in Iraquara, Bahia, the plant plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing the supply of biodiesel for the Northeast region of Brazil, as well as the offer of other industrialized agricultural products, such as soybean meal and glycerin.